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data breach Hacking News hacking passwords password hacking website hacked WEBSITE HACKING

Hacker Breaches Dozens of Sites, Puts 127 Million New Records Up for Sale

A hacker who was selling details of nearly 620 million online accounts stolen from 16 popular websites has now put up a second batch of
Hacking News linux privilege escalation Snap Package Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux Vulnerability

Snapd Flaw Lets Attackers Gain Root Access On Linux Systems

Ubuntu and some other Linux distributions suffer from a severe privilege escalation vulnerability that could allow a local attacker or a malicious program to obtain
anonymous email service backup service Cyber Attack email server Hacking News secure email service server hacking

Hackers Destroyed VFEmail Service – Deleted Its Entire Data and Backups

What could be more frightening than a service informing you that all your data is gone—every file and every backup servers are entirely wiped out?
Apple macOS Apple macOS Mojave browser vulnerability Hacking News Software vulnerabilities Vulnerabilities zero-day

New Unpatched macOS Flaw Lets Apps Spy On Your Safari Browsing History

A new security vulnerability has been discovered in the latest version of Apple’s macOS Mojave that could allow a malicious application to access data stored
Bluetooth hacking electric scooter Hacking News smart car smart scooter smart vehicle Xiaomi Xiaomi Electric Scooter

Xiaomi Electric Scooters Vulnerable to Life-Threatening Remote Hacks

Smart devices definitely make our lives easier, faster, and more efficient, but unfortunately, an insecure smart device can also ruin your day, or sometime could
Apple mac malware computer virus exe malware Hacking Mac Computer Hacking News Mac virus macOS malware windows malware

Beware!! New Windows .exe Malware Found Targeting macOS Computers

A malicious Windows EXE file can even infect your Mac computer as well. Yes, you heard me right — a .exe malware on macOS. Security
Amazon AWS Cloud Hosting Docker Google Cloud Hacking News how to hack linux Kubernetes linux linux container Linux hacking redhat linux Selinux Suse Linux Virtualization software

RunC Flaw Lets Attackers Escape Linux Containers to Gain Root on Hosts

A serious security vulnerability has been discovered in the core runC container code that affects several open-source container management systems, potentially allowing attackers to escape
Hacking News RDP exploit RDP server hacking remote code execution Vulnerability windows hacking

Flaws in Popular RDP Clients Allow Malicious Servers to Reverse Hack PCs

You’ve always been warned not to share remote access to your computer with any untrusted people for many reasons—it’s basic cyber security advice, and common
directory traversal vulnerability Hacking News LibreOffice Microsoft office office document OpenOffice remote code execution Vulnerability

Severe RCE Flaw Disclosed in Popular LibreOffice and OpenOffice Software

It’s 2019, and just opening an innocent looking office document file on your system can still allow hackers to compromise your computer. No, I’m not
cyber security ethical hacker ethical hacking hacker arrested Hacking News Vulnerability vulnerability assessment vulnerability testing tool website vulnerability

Hacker who reported flaw in Hungarian Telekom faces up to 8-years in prison

Many of you might have this question in your mind: “Is it illegal to test a website for vulnerability without permission from the owner?” Or…
Cyber Criminal cybercrime Cybercrime market Europol fbi hacking forum hacking marketplace Hacking News underground hacker forums

Police Shut Down xDedic – An Online Market for Cyber Criminals

In an international operation involving law enforcement authorities from the U.S. and several European countries, feds have shut down an online underground marketplace and arrested
Cyber Attack Cyber Crime Cyber Criminal ddos for hire ddos service DDoS-For-Hire distributed denial of service Hacking News

Europol Now Going After People Who Bought DDoS-for-Hire Services

If you were a buyer of any online DDoS-for-hire service, you might be in trouble. After taking down and arresting the operators of the world’s
adobe flash Hacking News Skype VLC Media Player Vulnerability vulnerable software winrar

Millions of PCs Found Running Outdated Versions of Popular Software

It is 2019, and millions of computers still either have at least one outdated application installed or run outdated operating systems, making themselves vulnerable to