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android ransomware coronavirus Covid-19 Cyber Crime Hacking News Mobile Security phishing attack Ransomware Spyware

7 Ways Hackers and Scammers Are Exploiting Coronavirus Panic

In our previous stories, you might have already read about various campaigns warning how threat actors are capitalizing on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in an...
Cryptocurrency Cyber Attack database hacking database security Hacking News Malware attack MSSQL hacking MySQL windows malware

Hackers Install Secret Backdoor on Thousands of Microsoft SQL Servers

Cybersecurity researchers today uncovered a sustained malicious campaign dating back to May 2018 that targets Windows machines running MS-SQL servers to deploy backdoors and other...
hack windows password Hacking News SMB relay attack Video Conferencing Software video hack windows security Zoom

Unpatched Zoom App Bug Lets Hackers Steal Your Windows Password

Zoom has been there for nine years, but the immediate requirement of an easy-to-use video conferencing app during the coronavirus pandemic made it overnight a...
cybersecurity Hacking News HTTP Network Security openwrt router security Vulnerability

Critical RCE Bug Affects Millions of OpenWrt-based Network Devices

A cybersecurity researcher today disclosed technical details and proof-of-concept of a critical remote code execution vulnerability affecting OpenWrt, a widely used Linux-based operating system for...
Credit card breach credit card hacking cyber security data breach Hacking News Magecart

TrueFire Guitar Tutoring Website Suffers Magecart-style Credit Card Breach

Online guitar tutoring website TrueFire has apparently suffered a ‘Magecart’ style data breach incident that may have potentially led to the exposure of its customers’...
bank hacking computer fraud hacker arrested Hacking News Mobile Security Sim hacking SIM swapping SIM Swapping Attacker Telecom hacking

Europol Arrests 26 SIM Swapping Fraudsters For Stealing Over $3 Million

Europol, along with the Spanish and the Romanian national police, has arrested 26 individuals in connection with the theft of over €3.5 million ($3.9 million)...
data breach data leaked database security Hacking News Telecom company Telecom hacking Virgin Media Virgin Mobile

Virgin Media Data Leak Exposes Details of 900,000 Customers

On the same day yesterday, when the US-based telecom giant T-Mobile admitted a data breach, the UK-based telecommunication provider Virgin Media announced that it has...
hacking linux Hacking News hacking router Linux Vulnerability Point-to-Point Protocol PPP daemon pppd vulnerability Software vulnerabilities

Critical PPP Daemon Flaw Opens Most Linux Systems to Remote Hackers

The US-CERT today issued advisory warning users of a new dangerous 17-year-old remote code execution vulnerability affecting the PPP daemon (pppd) software that comes installed...
cybersecurity data breach data leaked data security Hacking News T-Mobile T-Mobile hack Telecom company Telecom hacking

Hackers Compromise T-Mobile Employee’ Email Accounts and Steal User’ Data

If you are a T-Mobile customer, this news may concern you. US-based telecom giant T-Mobile has suffered yet another data breach incident that recently exposed...
Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Exchange cybersecurity Hacking News Lazarus Group Money Laundering North Korea North Korean hackers

2 Chinese Charged with Laundering $100 Million for North Korean Hackers

Two Chinese nationals have been charged by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) and sanctioned by the US Treasury for allegedly laundering $100 million worth...
Apache Apache exploit Apache Tomcat Hacking News Local file inclusion remote code execution remote file inclusion server security server vulnerability Tomcat Server

New High-Risk Vulnerability Affects Servers Running Apache Tomcat

If your web server is running on Apache Tomcat, you should immediately install the latest available version of the server application to prevent hackers from...
Hacking News ring camera security camera Smart Home surveillance camera hacking Technology News two factor authentication two-factor authentication

Ring Makes 2-Factor Authentication Mandatory Following Recent Hacks

Smart doorbells and cameras bring a great sense of security to your home, especially when you’re away, but even a thought that someone could be...
cyber espionage cyber security Hacking News Iranian computers Iranian Hackers Malware attack secure vpn server VPN hacking VPN Vulnerability

Iranian Hackers Exploiting VPN Flaws to Backdoor Organizations Worldwide

A new report published by cybersecurity researchers has unveiled evidence of Iranian state-sponsored hackers targeting dozens of companies and organizations in Israel and around the...
business security cyber espionage cybersecurity Enterprise Security Espionage Act Hacking News Huawei

U.S. Charges Huawei with Stealing Trade Secrets from 6 Companies

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) charged Huawei with racketeering and conspiring to steal trade secrets from six...
Hacking News Online Security Privacy software security Software vulnerabilities Video Conferencing Software Zoom

Zoom Bug Could Have Let Uninvited People Join Private Meetings

If you use Zoom to host your remote online meetings, you need to read this piece carefully. The massively popular video conferencing software has patched...