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Denied beds, pain relief and contact with their babies: the women giving birth amid Covid-19 | Women’s rights and gender equality

A fter Denisa’s son was born premature at 26 weeks she was unable to hold him, but spent as much time as possible near his...
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Germans thirsty for alcohol-free beer as brewers boost taste | World news

During last year’s sweltering summer in Europe, workers of the Störtebeker beer brewery stood at the doors of the bottle depot eagerly awaiting the empty...
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Women are happier without children or a spouse, says happiness expert | Life and style

We may have suspected it already, but now the science backs it up: unmarried and childless women are the happiest sub-group in the population. And...
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Orkney rated Britain’s best place to live in terms of quality of life | UK news

Orkney is the best place to live in the UK, with cheap houses, low crime, good schools and a population who are among the happiest...