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Boardroom diversity proves mission critical in data security, AI and beyond

The past two years have seen a record number of women elected to board positions. According to a report on U.S. Board Diversity Trends posted...
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Why GitLab’s remote workers still do more by staying at home

In the past, remote work may have meant part-time transcribing on a contract basis for a boss you’ve never seen. Today, it’s an option more...
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How GitLab parlayed an unusual approach to collaboration software into a multibillion-dollar business

In 2011, the co-creator of GitLab Inc., Dmitriy Zaporozhets, found himself working for a software company in the Ukraine, and he had a choice to make: Bring running...
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NATS messaging could beat Kubernetes to the edge

There’s nothing like a distributed application to force an overhaul of information technology. From atop the stack, broken-up microservices-based apps are remaking everything in their...
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Automated reasoning versus machine learning: How AWS provides secure access control without data

By embracing diversity, humanity finds greater strength. Our differences mean we can specialize, using our unique talents to excel in the areas to which we...
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Intel’s focus on AI maturation guides its data center strategy

When it comes to advancing the field of artificial intelligence, the ultimate prize is still clear. The goal is to come as close as possible...
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Autonomy at sea: Ocean drones net hard-to-get data for weather, fishing and more

The Earth’s oceans cover 70% of its surface. They supply half the oxygen we breath. They influence rainfall all over the world. They can send...
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The energizing effect of Sandy Carter’s mission to create tech for good at AWS

Some people’s careers rise and fall. Some rise to a stable level and stay there. Others chart a career course that seems destined for the...
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Trust is money in the bank, but most companies are leaving it on the table

For large technology companies, the success playbook has definitively changed. It’s not enough that these businesses win; how they win matters more. Unethical practices cost a...
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CX leaders are crushing the competition – here’s how to be one of them

When inking routes through their digital-transformation maps, companies ought to ask: Where do they all lead? At least one end goal should be renovated customer experience....
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The new trust factor: Cohesity technologist sees big picture in partnership with Microsoft

If there is a glue that binds two companies seeking to make advances in the hybrid computing space together, it is trust. Customers must trust...
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The answer is 42 … but what is the question? Machine-learning scientist cautions against ill-considered AI deployments

The complexity of artificial intelligence goes beyond technical wizardry. Man may have created statistical models that emulate human thought processes, but are we qualified to...
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5G and workplace diversity linked by common goal to remove limits and transform society

New technologies are bringing a wave of change, and no technology is more highly anticipated than 5G networking. Speeds up to one hundred times faster...
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Being helpful in the workplace may hurt women’s chances of promotion

There’s a new pothole in the path to equality in the workplace. The balancing act between being assertive enough to get attention, yet not too...
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Not satisfied yet: At 10-year milestone, CEO positions Nutanix for next wave of HCI

Most technology executives would be quite satisfied to build a business in 10 years with over 5,000 employees, 14,000 customers, at least $1 billion in annual...