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Tokens Built on Bitcoin Cash Are Cheaper to Send Than Those of Rival Networks

Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin technology has inspired a lot of innovation spawning a myriad of tokens representing digitized assets. There are now token creation systems on...
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Research Reports Show Positive Crypto Industry Growth in H1 2019

More than half the year is behind us and the cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to move forward, showing relentless growth over the last six months. 2019...
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Consensys Inner Conflicts Spark Legal Action Against Founder

Ethereum cofounder Joseph Lubin was recently summoned to court in New York when a former employee initiated a lawsuit for more than $13 million. According...
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SEC Sues Messaging App Kik Over $100 Million Initial Coin Offering

Graphic: Kik/Dan Kitwood (Getty Images) The Securities and Exchange Commission is suing anonymity-focused, Canada-based messaging service Kik Interactive, claiming the company’s Hail Mary pivot to...