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Over 59,000 personal data breaches reported across Europe since GDPR – Irish Tech News

Over 59,000 data breach notifications have been reported across the European Economic Area by public and private organizations since the GDPR came into force on
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Why data privacy is more important now than ever before – Irish Tech News

By Chris Huggett, Senior Vice-President of Europe and India, Sungard Availability Services Since the last Data Privacy Day, we’ve seen a number of firms around the
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Cybersecurity trends for 2019 – Irish Tech News

BSI predicts cybersecurity trends for 2019 BSI’s global centre of excellence for Cybersecurity and Information Resilience has forecast three key emerging trends across the cybersecurity
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“Digital Privacy Is In The Hands of the User” – Irish Tech News

By Simon Harman, Project Lead of Loki, an Australia-based privacy network which will allow users to transact and communicate privately and anonymously over the internet.
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Universal Performance Rating System for Corporate CyberSecurity and Privacy Protection? – Irish Tech News

The current digital ecosystem makes it virtually impossible for people to resist sharing their personal data with organizations. Shouldn’t there be a way for them
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How to evaluate and improve your business’s compliance – Irish Tech News

by Barry Cook, industry expert and VFS Global’s Privacy and Group Data Protection Officer It’s now over six months since the European Union’s (EU) General
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Privitar authors review of differential privacy for UK’s Office for National Statistics’ quality review – Irish Tech News

The UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) yesterday published its National Statistician’s Quality Review (NSQR) of Privacy and Data Confidentiality Methods, ‘Privacy and Data Confidentiality