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Exponential data growth fuels objective-driven observability for Sumo Logic

Moore’s Law, the decades-old observation that the number of transistors in a microchip will double every two years, may be finally slowing down according to...
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Microsoft adds satellite connectivity option to its private network service

Microsoft Corp. said today it’s enabling satellite connectivity on its Azure ExpressRoute private networking service for customers looking to improve the connectivity and performance of...
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Targeting IoT security market, Palo Alto Networks buys Zingbox for $75M

Palo Alto Networks Inc. is moving into the fast-growing connected device security market with the acquisition of Zingbox Inc., a startup hatched at Stanford University...
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Are telcos prepared to become masters of IoT?

The world is eagerly anticipating the widespread availability of 5G technology and the internet of things innovations it heralds. But, first priority is overcoming the...
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Armageddon now or later? Industrial IoT is the new battleground as cyberwar heats up

The stage is set for the world to find out what might happen if petrochemical, gas, and power plant safety systems designed to prevent catastrophic...