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Cloud-managed databases target cost and simplify adoption

When it comes to cloud-managed databases, IBM Corp. has designed an approach to let developers focus on building applications while it maintains cloud-based systems to save
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Cloud-native networking for DevOps leaves SDN in the dust

Cloud-native and DevOps are terms we hear a lot lately. Businesses using these types of tools can generally innovate and deploy faster. That is what agile, digital
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Red Hat’s true value may be strengthening IBM’s enterprise cloud ‘RHELevance’

Linux has blossomed into the right platform at the right time for enterprise computing. When she was vice president of Cognitive Systems at IBM Corp.,
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Linux chops are crucial in containerized world, says Red Hat executive

How are companies in 2019 going to make multicloud a practical reality? The jury seems to have selected containers (a virtualized method for running distribute
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IBM’s ‘big bet’ on Kubernetes is unifying cloud providers across platforms

Navigating cloud computing services can be difficult, especially when they come from multiple providers. Therefore, establishing a solid foundation becomes even more important in maintaining
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RunC Flaw Lets Attackers Escape Linux Containers to Gain Root on Hosts

A serious security vulnerability has been discovered in the core runC container code that affects several open-source container management systems, potentially allowing attackers to escape
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Red Hat intros CodeReady Workspaces for Kubernetes-native container app development

Red Hat Inc. is trying to make life easier for developers who build their applications using software containers and manage them with Kubernetes. The company,
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Rancher Labs now supports multicluster Kubernetes apps

Container management software company Rancher Labs Inc. today added an important new capability to its platform, providing support for “multicluster” Kubernetes applications for the first time. The
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Can Kubernetes make data multicloud-mobile just like apps?

Companies are scrounging for duct tape and Silly Putty to hold distributed information technology environments together. There’s much yammering about putting the application first —
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Complexity concerns rain on the multicloud parade

Gary Lamb remembers working on one cloud computing migration project so tricky that it was never completed. It’s an object lesson on how the seemingly boundless
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Harnessing AI to power automated management of containerized multiclouds

Kubernetes has become the backbone of enterprise digital transformation. As mesh and other complex cloud architectures become mainstream, information technology professionals will need to lift,
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Rousing an equitable digital economy through social good initiatives

More than 90 percent of American children have an online history by age two. At five years old, over half regularly use a computer. In
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Virtualization is just getting warmed up

Virtualization is an unstoppable trend under which applications become progressively more abstracted and independent from the underlying platforms on which their services execute. It’s now
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Using Kubernetes to monitor and control the multicloud networking fabric

Cloud-native computing is transforming the enterprise network as containers carry not only application workloads but more infrastructure functions as well. For enterprises that are implementing
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‘Freemium’ HashiCorp throws open-source tech at multicloud mess

Two University of Washington students were messing around with the rough beginnings of cloud infrastructure in the mid-2000s. They quickly surmised that managing resources and