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‘Breaking Into Startups’: Torch CEO and Well Clinic founder Cameron Yarbrough on mental health & coaching

Chad M. Crabtree Contributor Share on Twitter Chad M. Crabtree is the editor-in-Chief at Career KarmaCareer Karma, covering the Future of Work, Tech Education, and...
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Unregulated facial recognition technology presents unique risks for the LGBTQ+ community

Carlos Gutierrez Contributor Share on Twitter Carlos Gutierrez is deputy director and general counsel at LGBT Tech. It seems consumers today are granted ever-dwindling opportunities to...
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Interesting Educational Innovations to watch in the Future in 2020 and beyond

The Future is Educational Innovation Using technology in the classroom has a positive impact on the quality of learning as a whole. There are new...
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Law Society of Ireland launches free Massive Open Online Course in arts, entertainment and media law – Irish Tech News

The Law Society of Ireland is inviting creative professionals across Ireland and all over the world to take part in a Massive Open Online Course...
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The Creative Thinking Handbook, Your Step-by-Step Guide to Problem Solving in Business, reviewed – Irish Tech News

By @SimonCocking review of  The Creative Thinking Handbook, Your Step-by-Step Guide to Problem Solving in Business by Chris Griffiths. Some people say that creativity is about thinking outside...
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SoapBox Labs Powers Automated Assessments for Lingumi’s Preschool English learning platform – Irish Tech News

Research shows that learning a new language is easier when you’re young, but until recently very few tools existed to support younger children in language...