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Nan Goldin threatens London gallery boycott over £1m gift from Sackler fund | Art and design

The National Portrait Gallery will be forced to turn down a gift of £1m from members of the multibillionaire Sackler family if it goes ahead
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Ireland Shows Huge Appetite for Experiential Technologies – Irish Tech News

Global Experiential Company vStream Double Down on Irish Head Office Resources With offices in Dublin, London, and New York, vStream who create human-centric experiences for
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AI-powered marketing personalization startup DataSine secures $5.2 Million Series A funding ahead of platform launch – Irish Tech News

February 7, LONDON—London-based AI startup DataSine, which combines expertise in psychology and machine learning to help businesses personalize their communications at scale, has raised $5.2
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As rocket companies proliferate, new enabling tech emerges as the next wave in the space race

Blue Origin, Rocket Lab, Relativity Space, Slingshot Aeropsace, SpaceX and Virgin Orbit have raised billions of dollars to create new vehicles to launch payloads into