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Researchers improve robots’ speech recognition by modeling human auditory processing

We rarely think too much about noises as we’re listening to them, but there’s an enormous amount of complexity involved in isolating audio from places
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Max Cottica, Chief Information Officer with StayCity Aparthotels – Irish Tech News

Welcome to episode six of AI in Action, the podcast that breaks down the hype and explores the impact that Data Science, Machine Learning and
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Nuro raises $940 million for robot car deliveries

Nuro, a startup targeting the multibillion-dollar autonomous delivery robot market, has attracted sizeable venture capital from Softbank. The Japanese holding conglomerate today announced that it
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LinkedIn previews shared InMails, Instant Job Notifications, and other features coming summer 2019

Mere hours after the beta launch of LinkedIn Live, an invite-only video broadcast service for conferences and events, LinkedIn took the wraps off a new
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Ex-Googler Alon Chen’s Tastewise uses AI to identify and predict food trends

How can the average restaurant owner hope to make sense of the capricious culinary industry when restauranteurs, culinary directors, and multinational corporations alike have a
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Web data extraction startup acquires Connotate to bolster its IP and customer base

satoshi, a Los Gatos, California-based startup developing a toolset that can automatically scrape and process web data, today announced that it’s acquiring enterprise data extraction company
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Tableau’s Ask Data feature uses NLP to answer sales questions

Seattle, Washington data analytics company Tableau wants to make it easier to get straightforward answers to sales questions. Toward that end, it today announced the general