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Microsoft and Red Hat launch Kubernetes autoscaling project

Microsoft’s Azure public cloud service is introducing new Kubernetes-friendly services for developers today, including Kubernetes Event-Driven Autoscaling (KEDA), an open source project created with Red
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How multicloud cost models are shifting – and what to do about it

Multicloud is an emerging approach for deploying enterprise computing assets. But optimizing the costs of a full multicloud deployment can prove tricky, because there may
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Google and help stateless apps feel at home on Kubernetes

Kubernetes has emerged as an answer to the hybrid-cloud portability problem in the world of computing. But the open-source platform for orchestrating containers (a virtualized
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The challenge of ensuring effective security across the multicloud

The best security is by design. But that raises a problem when securing a multicloud. Multiclouds rarely originate from a conscious design. More often than
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Hybrid businesses, beware shiny pennies in rush to cloud nirvana

Many companies in hybrid computing limbo are in a rush to move to all-in-cloud nirvana. But there are a lot of shiny pennies to stumble
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After landing $43M in funding, Kong wants to become king of API management

Startup Kong Inc.’s latest funding round serves to highlight the massive potential for the application programming interface management services it sells. The company has just
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UK bank’s digital platform reflects changing customer demand for service delivery

The leading image for IBM Corp.’s case study with a banking customer — Nationwide Building Society — is not a teller window, deposit slip, or even an
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Cloud-native networking for DevOps leaves SDN in the dust

Cloud-native and DevOps are terms we hear a lot lately. Businesses using these types of tools can generally innovate and deploy faster. That is what agile, digital
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Can Kubernetes make data multicloud-mobile just like apps?

Companies are scrounging for duct tape and Silly Putty to hold distributed information technology environments together. There’s much yammering about putting the application first —
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Recapping the Think 2019 “Journey to AI” community CrowdChat: AI everywhere

Artificial intelligence is transforming every business process. Developers are incorporating AI – in the form of deep learning, machine learning and kindred technologies – into
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Step by step, how enterprises should embark on the journey to the cloud

Cloud computing has become the principal paradigm for enterprise applications. As businesses modernize their computing and networking architectures, cloud-native architectures are the principal target environments.
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Virtualization is just getting warmed up

Virtualization is an unstoppable trend under which applications become progressively more abstracted and independent from the underlying platforms on which their services execute. It’s now
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These tools are dialing up agile DevOps speed

Radical changes to computing infrastructure are ripping the rug out from under software application development. The old model of lugging an app from one department