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GandCrab ransomware and Ursnif virus spreading via MS Word macros

Security researchers have discovered two separate malware campaigns, one of which is distributing the Ursnif data-stealing trojan and the GandCrab ransomware in the wild, whereas...
0day Exploit Atlantis Word Processor Malware Microsoft Word MS Word Vulnerability Word Processing Software

3 New Code Execution Flaws Discovered in Atlantis Word Processor

This is why you should always think twice before opening innocent looking email attachments, especially word and pdf files. Cybersecurity researchers at Cisco Talos have...
Cannon Trojan Cyber cybersecurity Hacking malicious documents Microsoft Word NEWS Palo Alto Networks Security The-Latest Trojans Zebrocy Trojan

Difficult-to-detect hacking campaign targets governments across the globe

A new report from Palo Alto Networks Inc.’s Unit 42 today detailed a new hacking campaign from the Sofacy Group that employs a series of...
Hacking News Microsoft Microsoft office Microsoft Office 2016 Microsoft Office Exploit Microsoft Office Vulnerability Microsoft Word Vulnerability

Unpatched MS Word Flaw Could Allow Hackers to Infect Your Computer

Cybersecurity researchers have revealed an unpatched logical flaw in Microsoft Office 2016 and older versions that could allow an attacker to embed malicious code inside...