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Change is coming: Cisco delivers more than connectivity

The network is the backbone of most businesses, and for years no one asked more of network providers than to offer reliable and secure connectivity. But
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The Wrapped Bitcoin Project Has Officially Launched on Ethereum

News On Jan. 30, a group of cryptocurrency developers and organizations officially launched a project called Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) on the Ethereum network. The ERC20
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18 Months Away? Latest Lightning Network Study Calls System a ‘Small Central Clique’

Technology & Security The Lightning Network has been touted as the solution to the Bitcoin Core (BTC) network’s scalability problem for years now. Over the
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Feeding the applications beast: cloud connectivity continues to evolve

Applications are the ravenous beast of today’s dynamic hybrid-cloud environment, causing network demand to spike dramatically in milliseconds. Fiber-optic plans offer high speeds, but most businesses