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Alcor Life Extension Foundation Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash Donations

Alcor Life Extension Foundation has revealed the company is accepting bitcoin cash (BCH) donations. Alcor was convinced by’s executive chairman Roger Ver to add...
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Tony Hawk Foundation Added to Bitpay’s 100 Crypto Supporting Nonprofits

On June 24, well known nonprofit the Tony Hawk Foundation revealed it is now accepting cryptocurrencies for donations through Bitpay. The foundation founded by the...
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Conference attendees bask in the love of Angel Paws

Conferences can be energizing, inspiring and fun. They can also be noisy, stressful and tiring, all in a single day. So when attendees at Dell...
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Free Law Project’s Courtlistener Repository Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash Donations

On Monday, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporters learned that the popular website that focuses on U.S. court documents and the litigation system,, is accepting BCH...
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Free Talk Live and Friends Raise $80K in Crypto for Ugandan Orphanage

On Monday, the independently syndicated radio broadcast Free Talk Live (FTL) announced that the organization, along with a group of businesses and FTL listeners, had...