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Timothy C. May: Libertaria in Cyberspace

Here are a few points about why “cyberspace,” or a computer-mediated network, is more hospitable than physical locations for the kind of “crypto-anarchy” libertarian system...
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Bonus Army, Occupiers, 2020 Uprising: Bitcoin’s Peaceful Protest Is Pure Civil Disobedience

For twelve days straight, American citizens and a number of countries around the world have been protesting the oligarchs and police brutality. The restlessness from...
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American Panic Led to the Creation and Expansion of the Corrupt Federal Reserve System

The Federal Reserve System was created after the “Panic of 1907” and ever since its inception in 1913, the Fed is one of the most...
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This Is Not Capitalism: How Covid-19 Shined a Light on America’s Fascist System

In the last few months, giant American corporations and financial incumbents that are subsidized by the U.S. government, have profited immensely during the coronavirus outbreak....
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Carl Menger: The Nature and Origin of Money

In the early stages of trade, when economizing individuals are only slowly awakening to knowledge of the economic gains that can be derived from exploitation...
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Could Endless Printing Trigger a Hyperbitcoinization Event?

Hyperbitcoinization has been defined as “a state where bitcoin becomes the world’s dominant form of money.” But what actually needs to happen for bitcoin to...