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Making value the new lock-in: Apigee seeks to transform applications in a hybrid world

With all of the talk in the enterprise space about applications, what do they really mean to the average user? In many instances, applications drive personalization
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Google Cloud CMO shares her tech journey and Anthos insights

Google’s Cloud Services Platform always seemed a prosaic name, especially alongside a product pantheon that includes the container-orchestration system Kubernetes (meaning: helmsman) and microservice mesh
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Q&A: Raising AI: Do parents make better AI systems for modern business?

Part truth, part sci-fi, the notion of rogue artificial intelligence is gaining attention for good reason. As the creators of AI, humans hold responsibility over
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Union of Adobe and Magento highlights role of open source in enterprise digital experience

What does $1.7 billion buy today? For Adobe Inc., the answer is a new cloud service based on an online retail system that processed $155
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Composable infra reigns in cost and scale of next-gen workloads

With cloud computing as ubiquitous as it is nowadays, it’s easy to forget that there’s still hardware out there. Behind the easy pay-as-you-go model, public