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The real big-data problem and why only machine learning can fix it

Why do so many companies still struggle to build a smooth-running pipeline from data to insights? They invest in heavily hyped machine-learning algorithms to analyze...
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Safe space: Public venues get much-needed security-tech upgrade

While cybersecurity isn’t yet foolproof against the bad guys, the field has certainly advanced in recent years. Data and machine intelligence are making threat detection easier and reducing...
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Workplace productivity in the digital age: Why employees need engaging too

Technology is firmly embedded in most people’s personal lives. Yet the technology gap between home and office can be vast. With companies focused on cultivating...
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Can a single as-a-service pill cure security-skills panic attack?

What’s a modern company’s best defense against the growing repertoire of cybersecurity attacks? They could stock up on security point solutions currently crowding the market....
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CISO to STEM ladies: Cybersecurity needs you

What is cybersecurity? A mystic realm where hoodie-wearing hackers in dark rooms weave their protective magic? Or an attitude of awareness and responsibility from everyone? The...
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Nurturing innovation: How AWS pursues its Educate program to close the cloud skills gap

There are at least 50,000 professional skills in the world, according to recent data provided by LinkedIn, and the number one hard skill that companies...
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MSPs make unlikely friends with public-cloud fat cats

Today’s information-technology market is turning out to be an unlikely friend to smaller, managed service providers. Not only did public cloud not kill them as some...
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Not your dad’s CAD: Cloudified product design is here

Can the latest advancements in cloud computing do for product design what they’ve done for so many other professional domains? Computing plays a huge role...
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GDPR and beyond: The past, present and future of data privacy

It’s been just over a year since the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation became law. Forced into a new way of thinking about data,...