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How ‘ghost work’ in Silicon Valley pressures the workforce, with Mary Gray

The phrase “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” was originally meant sarcastically. It’s not actually physically possible to do — especially while wearing Allbirds...
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Why AI needs more social workers, with Columbia University’s Desmond Patton

Sometimes it does seem the entire tech industry could use someone to talk to, like a good therapist or social worker. That might sound like...
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Reports say White House has drafted an order putting the FCC in charge of monitoring social media

The White House is contemplating issuing an executive order that would widen its attack on the operations of social media companies. The White House has...
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Shades of Cambridge Analytica: Instagram terminates partner collecting user data

Instagram today terminated a relationship with an advertising partner after it was discovered to be collecting data from user accounts, the latest in a long...
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Owning Fiat Just Got More Expensive – NIRP Strikes Again

With the recent Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) announcement that even more customers will be charged to hold money in their banks, people are scrambling...
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FTC reportedly examining Amazon’s e-commerce partnership with Apple

A high-profile e-commerce deal between Inc. and Apple Inc. has drawn the attention of the Federal Trade Commission, The Verge reported today. The two companies agreed in...
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EU court rules websites using Facebook’s ‘Like’ button are liable for user data collection

Companies could find themselves in trouble for data collection from now on for using Facebook Inc.’s ‘Like’ button on their websites, according to a ruling...
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Ethics in the age of autonomous vehicles

Earlier this month, TechCrunch held its inaugural Mobility Sessions event, where leading mobility-focused auto companies, startups, executives and thought leaders joined us to discuss all...