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Facebook Deletes Pages That Were Secretly Controlled by a Russian Propaganda Network

Russian President Vladimir Putin on December 25, 2019Photo: AP Facebook has deleted hundreds of pages linked to the Kremlin-backed propaganda network known as Sputnik. The
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President Trump Mocks Amazon’s ‘Jeff Bozo’ During Unhinged Twitter Rant

MacKenzie Bezos and Jeff Bezos in a file photo from 2013Photo: Getty Images President Donald Trump, an unindicted co-conspirator and suspected Manchurian candidate, sent a
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Desperate Americans Start GoFundMe Campaigns to Pay For Food and Medicine During Government Shutdown

President Trump, an unindicted co-conspirator and cause of pointless suffering in the United States right now, on January 6, 2019Photo: Getty Images It’s day 19
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Air Travel is Getting Fucked Up by President Trump’s Government Shutdown

President Donald Trump, an unindicted co-conspirator and threat to the safety and security of the United States, talks to the press on January 6, 2019Photo:
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Who Helped Give $1.2 Million to the New Acting Attorney General?

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker at a Justice Department event on November 15, 2018Photo: Getty Images When President Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier