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20 Blockchain Surveillance Firms Monitor Crypto Networks, But Some Apps Show Inaccuracies

During the last few years, blockchain surveillance has increased a great deal and in the early days around 2013-14, there were only a handful of...
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Crypto Regulations Advance Despite Global Crisis, Cash Shortages, Bank Closures

In this roundup, we cover crypto regulatory developments amid the global crisis effected by the coronavirus outbreak, bank closures, interest rate cuts, and plunging stock...
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Coronavirus Bailouts: US Banking Watchdogs Waive Hundreds of Regulations, Red Tape, Financial Oversight

In 2019, cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses saw more regulation than any year prior. G20 finance ministers, central bank governors, and regulators cracked down hard on...
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China’s Changing Perception of Bitcoin: Bitkan CEO Shares Insights After 7 Years in Crypto Industry

Since the advent of bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrencies have gone from being a niche topic for tech nerds to ubiquitously recognized — if not always...
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Germany’s Bitcoin Group Welcomes Licensing for Crypto Custodians, Expects Competition From Banks

Bitcoin Group SE, a prominent member of the European crypto industry, has been preparing to apply for permission to conduct crypto custody activities in its...