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Automated reasoning versus machine learning: How AWS provides secure access control without data

By embracing diversity, humanity finds greater strength. Our differences mean we can specialize, using our unique talents to excel in the areas to which we...
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Serverless: It’s how things get done. But what is it?

Serverless is a concept that is often misunderstood and definitely misused. First coined with Amazon Web Services Inc.’s launch of Lambda, the term is rapidly...
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Intel’s focus on AI maturation guides its data center strategy

When it comes to advancing the field of artificial intelligence, the ultimate prize is still clear. The goal is to come as close as possible...
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Autonomy at sea: Ocean drones net hard-to-get data for weather, fishing and more

The Earth’s oceans cover 70% of its surface. They supply half the oxygen we breath. They influence rainfall all over the world. They can send...
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Forcepoint takes a human-centric view of security to protect enterprise users and data

Traditional views of enterprise security are rapidly evolving from a strict perimeter defense to keep bad actors out to a more nuanced approach that takes into...
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Acquisition of 1Strategy by TEKsystems demonstrates continued IT influence of AWS

As the leading public cloud provider, Amazon Web Services Inc. has not only built its customer base, it has also spawned an ecosystem of consultants...
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MongoDB moves from a single data product company to a data platform

Managing multicloud environments and making stored data useful are challenges that companies are dealing with and will continue to deal with in the future. Taking advantage...
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Freshworks relies on AWS to scale end-user solutions

Amazon Web Services Inc.’s customer obsession fits like a glove for companies looking to deliver solutions that significantly impact end users. Freshworks Inc., an Indian...
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Io-Tahoe helps Direct Energy leverage data from acquisitions

It is a challenge for businesses to manage, analyze and utilize the huge amount of data produced every day. Enterprises that grow through acquisitions have...
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In the age of privacy, Immuta grows with demand for data governance

Recent laws that protect consumer privacy have forced companies to rethink how they share and use the data they collect. Founded by members of the...
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The risk-managed tech getting Putnam more 5-star funds than ever

In some industries, certain things never change. The financial-services sector is transforming with technology, but not without frequent checks with its old ball-and-chain risk management....
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Anthem takes self-service approach to manage IT services and developer support

As one of the largest health benefits companies in the U.S., Anthem Inc. maintains a broad portfolio of plans and related services. That requires a...
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Q&A: ETL and data pipelines take a leap into the as-a-service model

There are more data sources than ever before, mainly thanks to the cloud. And having all this data stored within an organization’s data center is useless...
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Q&A: Citrix leverages AWS Outposts as an entry point to hybrid cloud

Amazon Web Services Inc. finally got it. Organizations will not move 100% of their workloads to the cloud. There are workloads that need to remain...