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Drivechain Creator’s Latest Paper Sparks Debate Over Bitcoin’s Future Security

Drivechain developer Paul Sztorc has the cryptocurrency community riled up over his latest blog “Security Budget in the Long Run.” The essay discusses the economics...
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RSK Sidechain Is Now Secured by 45% of BTC’s Hashrate

On Feb. 14, the cryptocurrency infrastructure organization led by RSK Labs announced the one-year anniversary of the RSK network and highlighted several notable achievements. Over...
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Japan: Regulators Approve Startup’s Bitcoin Sidechain Trial for ExchangesJapan: Regulators Approve Startup’s Bitcoin Sidechain Trial for Exchanges

Japanese blockchain development company Crypto Garage announced it had gained regulatory permission to trial its settlement system using Blockstream’sLiquid Sidechain, Cointelegraph Japan reported Jan. 21. Crypto Garage, which claimed to...