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4e6e54c7-874c-5683-bb2f-e42ae3ac241a Article fnc fnc/tech fox-news/person/mark-zuckerberg fox-news/person/sheryl-sandberg fox-news/tech/companies/facebook fox-news/tech/topics/big-tech-backlash Sam Schechner the wall street journal

Facebook bends to EU pressure on ‘misleading’ fine print

Facebook Inc. has bowed to demands from European Union regulators to change what the bloc had called misleading terms of service, the latest example of efforts
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Americans hate social media but can’t give it up, WSJ/NBC News poll finds

Americans have a paradoxical attachment to the social-media platforms that have transformed communication, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds, saying they regard services
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Singapore to demand that Facebook, Twitter and Google fix fake news

SINGAPORE—Tech giants such as Facebook Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Twitter Inc. would be required under a draft law introduced Monday in Singapore to immediately issue corrections of false information published
af05ff7e-cbc1-575f-9b38-cdcf12778a5a Article fnc fnc/tech fox-news/tech/companies/amazon fox-news/tech/companies/apple fox-news/tech/companies/facebook fox-news/tech/companies/google fox-news/tech/topics/big-tech-backlash Sam Schechner the wall street journal

Silicon Valley hit with new digital tax in France

The French government on Wednesday introduced a new levy aimed at big tech giants, adding to the momentum behind more than a dozen similar measures globally that