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LinkedIn previews shared InMails, Instant Job Notifications, and other features coming summer 2019

Mere hours after the beta launch of LinkedIn Live, an invite-only video broadcast service for conferences and events, LinkedIn took the wraps off a new...
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China is building a 5G smart highway for autonomous cars and AI traffic monitoring

China is moving forward in the global “race to 5G,” as state-owned carrier China Mobile has announced (via Xinhua) that it’s already building the first...
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DoD awards TwoSense $2.42 million contract for behavioral biometric authentication

Artificial intelligence (AI) seems almost tailor-made for automating mundane office tasks and identifying seizure types, but it might be equally well-suited to security — including biometric security....
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Simtoo’s SimCam is an AI security camera that doesn’t require a subscription

Shenzhen-based Simtoo is best known for its foldable, crowdfunded portable selfie drones, but the company’s branching into new markets this year. At the 2019 Consumer...