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Blockchain search engine Presearch launches ‘keyword staking’ for advertising transparency

Presearch, the open, decentralized search engine that rewards community members with distributed ledger blockchain-based tokens, today announced the launch of “keyword Staking,” a new keyword advertising...
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Data science company Iguazio closes on $24M funding round

Data analytics company Iguazio Systems Ltd. today announced a $24 million round of funding that brings its total amount raised to $72 million. INCapital Ventures led the...
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Google’s Dataproc service gets GPUs and management automation features

Dataproc is an analytics service from Google LLC that allows enterprises to spin up managed Spark and Hadoop environments in the cloud. Today, the search...
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Facebook claims AI navigation milestone after models achieve 99.99% accuracy

Facebook Inc. today open-sourced a set of artificial intelligence models capable of reliably navigating indoor environments without a map, a breakthrough the company hopes will pave a...
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Pledging to go ‘carbon negative’ by 2030, Microsoft unveils $1B climate fund

Microsoft Corp. today said that it will launch a $1 billion environmental technology fund as part of a broad, multipronged plan to become “carbon negative”...