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Is Twitter Helping Justin Sun and Other Cryptocurrency Celebrities Defraud?

A site as hugely influential as Twitter should ideally take a balanced and responsible approach when suggesting blue check accounts and other popular influencers to...
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How to Hide Your Bitcoin – Opsec, Anonymity, Cold Storage, Brainwallet, Dexes and Non-Custodials

In an era of increasing economic uncertainty, surveillance, specialized cybercrime and hacking, knowing how to hide bitcoin safely has become a paramount concern for crypto...
BCH Community Bitcoin bitcoin abc Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash Developers Bitcoin Unlimited Blockchain centralization Coinbase Rewards debate Dev Fund infrastructure Jiang Zhuoer Miners Mining Pools NEWS P2P Cash Peter Rizun Proposal Tax whitepaper Update: Dev Fund Proposal ‘Will Not Go Through’ Without More Agreement

The BCH infrastructure funding proposal initially announced by Jiang Zhuoer on January 22 will not go through as planned without greater agreement in the Bitcoin...
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Rare Joint Statement From U.S. Regulators Proves Crypto Centralization Is Here

The U.S. SEC, Fincen and CFTC issued a rare joint statement Friday addressing regulation of “activities involving digital assets.” Citing crypto’s perceived role in money...