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Beyond the buzz of digital transformations, IBM Cloud Garage prompts cultural change

For years digital transformation has been endgame for the enterprise, the next plateau that would ensure market relevance through improved efficiency at a fraction of
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Finding equilibrium in post-Kubernetes open-source computing

Open source has long been the man behind the curtain in web-based computing. But with the meteoric rise of Kubernetes, the popular container orchestration system, the once-exclusive
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Rousing an equitable digital economy through social good initiatives

More than 90 percent of American children have an online history by age two. At five years old, over half regularly use a computer. In
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It’s worth the renovation for cloud: Teresa Carlson stacks her wins in public sector overhauls

In a little over a decade since its 2006 launch, Amazon Web Services Inc. has upended the information technology industry with its ability to scale
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Former archaeologist differentiates IBM data science with the power of human storytelling

Discoveries made through examined failures are essential to human evolution. Events become learnings, learnings become narratives, and narratives become templates that can correct for mistakes
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Protecting SMBs that turn a blind eye to cyber threat

As data dictates an increasing number of business imperatives, threats to digital security have an even greater potential to debilitate companies and harm the customers
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Hasty move to cloud computing trips up many enterprises, Forrester analyst finds

As increasing masses of data outpace traditional infrastructure capabilities, cloud computing has emerged as an oasis in the tumultuous landscape of digital transformation. The number
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Micron Foundation is ‘Advancing Curiosity’ in AI ethics with $1M grant

Artificial intelligence is the new frontier of technology, precipitating a global labor revolution across every industry. Despite its growing prominence among thought leaders and consumers
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Culture of collaboration: Sodexo standardizes service ops, broadens project visibility at scale

Artificial intelligence has finally found its place in the business world, enabling automation through software to eliminate tedious tasks and free workers to pursue more creative
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How Lenovo keeps pace with a transforming market: collaboration curbs stagnancy

Lenovo Group Ltd. is a seasoned technology provider with decades of experience serving the hardware needs of international customers, but still the company has never
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The cloud engineers leveraging data transformation toward a cultural revolution

While tech continues operating at its familiar breakneck pace of innovation, today’s market seems to constantly be playing catchup with data. The central industry megatrends