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Boardroom diversity proves mission critical in data security, AI and beyond

The past two years have seen a record number of women elected to board positions. According to a report on U.S. Board Diversity Trends posted...
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Automated reasoning versus machine learning: How AWS provides secure access control without data

By embracing diversity, humanity finds greater strength. Our differences mean we can specialize, using our unique talents to excel in the areas to which we...
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The energizing effect of Sandy Carter’s mission to create tech for good at AWS

Some people’s careers rise and fall. Some rise to a stable level and stay there. Others chart a career course that seems destined for the...
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Trust is money in the bank, but most companies are leaving it on the table

For large technology companies, the success playbook has definitively changed. It’s not enough that these businesses win; how they win matters more. Unethical practices cost a...