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Cyclone Idai death toll passes 750 with more than 110,000 now in camps | World news

Cyclone Idai’s death toll has risen above 750 in the three southern African countries hit 10 days ago by the storm, as workers try to
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Embracing Utility in 2019: Unreliable Crypto Networks Will Lose to Hyperbitcoinization

Op-Ed Cryptocurrencies started gaining significant mainstream attention in 2017 and speculation brought coin values to unseen levels, before quickly deflating. Now, after a decade, it
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Major American Magazine Time Column Reports About Bitcoin’s Liberating PotentialMajor American Magazine Time Column Reports About Bitcoin’s Liberating Potential

Bitcoin (BTC) has a substantial liberating potential, American mainstream newspaper Time reports on Dec. 28. The aforementioned article claims that “speculation, fraud, and greed in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry have overshadowed the real,