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CES shows off new technology for your car Video

  • Now Playing: Royale introduces the first foldable phone at CES 2019

  • Now Playing: CES 2019 kicks off in Las Vegas

  • Now Playing: Las Vegas global tech show celebrates innovation while raising privacy concerns

  • Now Playing: CES shows off new technology for your car

  • Now Playing: SpaceX Falcon 9 launches final set of satellites into orbit

  • Now Playing: Netflix may crack down on account sharing

  • Now Playing: ‘Baby Shark’ hits the Top 40

  • Now Playing: App may help your family’s relationship with their phones

  • Now Playing: This machine will fold all your laundry for you

  • Now Playing: Nissan unveils new LEAF at CES

  • Now Playing: Samsung unveils ‘car of the future’ at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

  • Now Playing: Amazon now worth more than any other publicly traded U.S. company

  • Now Playing: CES ready to kick off in Las Vegas

  • Now Playing: Nomophobia is Word of the Year. Do you have it?

  • Now Playing: Apple’s stock takes a hit

  • Now Playing: A sales slowdown for Apple

  • Now Playing: How to boost your online dating profile in 2019

  • Now Playing: Apple misses release window for AirPower

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