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ClearPoll news update, exciting updates coming including ad revenue feature – Irish Tech News

By Josh Case.

Hey guys! Today, I officially took over ClearPoll. We officially did the transfer of the social media accounts, etc, and I am super excited to get into the full swing of things. Like we previously mentioned, Rob and Daniel will stay on board as advisors for ClearPoll, and honestly I couldn’t be more impressed with the way they do business. They are smart guys and had a great vision for this product. I’m glad they’re sticking around. Adrian, the main developer for ClearPoll, will also be staying. He will be handling all maintenance and management of the app, as well as the new features that we have coming out. I’ve spoken to him quite a bit over the last couple weeks and he’s a great and knowledge guy. I’m really happy he’s on board! And we all know the ClearPoll telegram channel wouldn’t be the same without Dale, so I’m happy to say he’ll be staying as well!

I have a lot of plans for the first half of 2019, and am going to describe some of the main feature releases we will be putting out in the coming months here.

By the end of January we will roll out the ad revenue feature in the app. This will allow ClearPoll to immediately start generating revenue so we can keep that reward pool healthy. Speaking of, we have started a new reward period that will last for 6 weeks. This reward period will end on February 28th, and after that we will go back to the normal monthly cycles. This 6 week reward period will include 30,000 POLL + 50% of any revenue ClearPoll generates during this cycle. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask in our telegram channel!

Also by the end of January we will put out translations of the app in other languages, and begin making official ClearPoll international accounts for marketing and social media efforts. This will open us up to a much broader market, and allow us to  market to and gain a lot of new users. I had a lot of requests for this, and am glad we are going to be able to push it out quickly!


In March we will be releasing the ability to upload images and YouTube links, instead of just text, as options for “voting” in the ClearPoll app. Additionally in March, we will be releasing a brand new shopping section!

Images and YouTube links are pretty self explanatory. You will be able to upload images for users to vote on which they link the most, as well as competing YouTube video links. When you make a poll that uses YouTube links, users can judge from the headline and thumbnail which video they’d like to watch most, click, and watch from directly in the app.

For the shopping section, users, or brands, can create a new “poll” that allows someone to choose which item they like the most. It will also give them external links, to buy the item if they wish. This is important for two main reasons. For one, it gives valuable feedback to brands and merchants about consumer trends and opinions on new products, and two, it puts an engaged consumer in a shopping experience, finding items they like best.

If you are a user, generating shopping polls, you’ll be to put your own referral link for products, to generate your own income if people purchase products through your polls/links. A lot of brands, such as Amazon, Walmart, and others allow you to generate your own affiliate links. You will be able to use those links on ClearPoll to earn revenue from customers shopping via your polls.

If you are a brand, generating shopping polls, you’ll be able to advertise your website and product links directly from the ClearPoll app, as well as have the opportunity for more data and insight on the consumers voting on your polls.

Users will earn reward points for voting in the shopping section.

I’m really excited about these and think they will add a lot to the ClearPoll app experience!


We will be launching a news section in April! Here’s how it will work.

When a user clicks on the news section, there will be categories such as politics, technology, health, etc.

When he clicks a category there will be a variety of “polls” that are all like minded news article headline according to category.

For instance one poll in technology could be something like;

When the user clicks the headline they find most appealing (votes on the poll), it will direct them to the article so they can read it if they’d like.

Users can generate “polls” in the news section by uploading their favorite news articles of the day.

All news polls will last 1 day, and users will be rewarded for posting polls, as well as

voting (reading) in the news section.

I have a lot of other ideas and concepts we are pursuing, as well as marketing plans, and I will put out another update on February 1st with more information on what’s going on behind the scenes. If anyone has any questions, feel free to reach out on telegram, and I’d be happy to help with anything at all! I think we’ll see a lot of amazing things for ClearPoll this year, and I’m really excited to be involved! – The fastest and easiest way to acquire the best up and coming ERC20 tokens!

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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