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CMC Markets Institutional continues to build profile with hedge funds

CMC Markets Institutional, a provider of liquidity and white label trading solutions, is to co-sponsor Informa’s Hedge Fund Emerging and Start Up Manager Forum, to be held in London at the end of the month.

CMC Markets Institutional is continuing to expand its presence across the hedge fund industry by co-sponsoring this forum which acts as a meeting point for the next generation of fund managers. The event will be held in London’s Royal Garden Hotel from April 30th to May 1st, 2019 and is expected to attract over 300 delegates. The event is being supported by a series of liquidity providers and suppliers of other specialist services for the Hedge Fund community.

Richard Elston, head of Institutional at CMC Markets, says: “As we grow our liquidity services offering, we are ensuring that our name is well known amongst hedge funds of all sizes as a reliable source of multi-asset flow. Our Prime offering is now fully operational, whilst our ability to act as a single source of liquidity across multiple asset classes puts us in a very select group. We hope that some of the delegates at this event go on to become the mega-managers of the future and we hope our services can support them on this journey.” 

CMC Markets now offers a comprehensive, multi-asset institutional proposition including access to indices, commodities, treasuries and over 9,000 single stock CFDs. With a main market listing in London and a strong balance sheet, counterparties are increasingly looking to CMC Markets when seeking high quality, consistent liquidity delivered in a flexible manner to meet their needs.

Alongside Richard Elston, CMC Markets Institutional equity and derivative brokerage specialist Malcolm Ford, and newly appointed business development manager Ross Newell will also be in attendance. 

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