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Courtney Cox and Justin Sun Launch #VoiceYourLove to Support ALS Association

On Feb 11, 2019, Justin Sun announced that he would be donating $250,000 to the ALS Association (ALSA) on behalf of TRON (TRX) and BitTorrent (BTT). This is the first donation of the joint TRX-BTT Valentine’s Day Campaign: #VoiceYourLove.

This campaign illustrates how TRX and BTT can be used to support philanthropic efforts in collaboration with celebrities and ordinary individuals not involved in the cryptoasset industry.
If #VoiceYourLove is successful, it may be a sign that charity may be an area in which cryptocurrencies can become integrated within society as an effective tool for awareness and fundraising as well as other charitable efforts.

#VoiceYourLove, TRX, and BTT
The #VoiceYourLove Campaign is being sponsored by TRX, BTT, Binance Charity, and KWT Global. There are three primary pieces:
Donations in TRX
While Sun announced his donation in dollars, donations can also be accepted via TRX. To donate with TRX, a user simply copies the supplied address or scans the QR code. They then input the amount of TRX they wish to donate and click submit. Paypal and major credit cards can be used for donations using dollars.

I donated TRX fast and easy…
— Jaycrypto (@CryptoKrush) February 12, 2019

Social Media
A social media campaign using #VoiceYourLove is being implemented as well. Individuals are encouraged to use the hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Pictures and videos can be uploaded directly to the site. Currently, videos from celebrities, those diagnosed with ALS, loved ones supporting them, and many others have participated. Several sample captions are also provided to make it easier to spread awareness about ALS and #VoiceYourLove.
Videos with BTT
The #VoiceYourLove website also encourages Windows users to download an ALS campaign version of the BitTorrent client. Included in the download are a series of videos which include more stories than those hosted on the website alone. Of particular emphasis is the Director’s Cut campaign video which can only be accessed via BTT.
Celebrity Support
Sun first announced the Valentine’s Day campaign on Feb 5. At that time it was unnamed. He mentioned very few details except that it was a joint effort between TRX and BTT and would include celebrities. Ambiguously, he mentioned that a former star from Friends, a 3 time Golden Globe Winner, and a holder of four Super Bowl titles would be involved.
In a tweet announcing #VoiceYourLove 6 days later, Sun tagged Courtney Cox who posted a video announcing the campaign on Feb 11. Cox played Monica on Friends.
Furthermore, Renee Zellweger, a Golden Globe winner announced her support for the campaign on Feb 5. Both have created their own videos supporting #VoiceYourLove. They also appeared in a longer video in which those suffering from ALS like Ryan Farnsworth, Lorene Lee, and Stephen Kaufman discuss how the disease has affected their lives. Loved ones of these three also appear to discuss what it is like to live with and help support someone living with ALS.

I’m supporting the @alsassociation with a $250,000 donation and voicing my love to the #TRON and #BitTorrent community! Passing on the torch to @CourteneyCox @cz_binance & @VitalikButerin to join #VoiceYourLove

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