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Craig Wright May Become Subject of Legal Action by WhatBitcoinDid Podcaster Peter McCormack


  • Craig Wright has aggressively pursued legal action against Peter McCormack for calling him a “fraud.”
  • Wright has filed with the US Copyright Office to claim authorship of the Bitcoin whitepaper.


Craig Wright has proclaimed himself to be the creator of Bitcoin – Satoshi Nakamoto – for quite some time. The chief scientist for nChain has been aggressively pursuing people who say that he is not Satoshi, even though there is plenty of proof that provides reasons why he isn’t.

Regardless, Wright has continued to go after people with such passion that there have been some exchanges that have delisted the Bitcoin SV token that he supports in some twisted way of teaching him a lesson.

Now, Wright could soon see himself on the receiving end of legal action from Peter McCormack, a podcaster that hosts WhatBitcoinDid. McCormack has referred to the chief scientist as a “m**her**c*r,” and even said that he’s proceeding with legal action “within a week” after speaking with top-performing legal firms.

The drama between McCormack and Wright has been brewing for well over a month, pushing legal documents back and forth. McCormack first received a letter from Wright and Calvin Ayre, demanding that he delete the tweets that called Wright a “fraud.”

The twosome also said that McCormack needed to apologize in open court for saying that Wright and Satoshi are not the same person. Clearly, McCormack decided against this retraction and apology, challenging the order by saying, “Let’s go to court.”

After the non-response, the lawyers of Ayre and Wright sent another letter this week. Since the podcaster let the order go by after May 16th, the new letter said that they are “entitled to apply Part 12 of the CPR to request that an order for judgment in default be entered against you.”

Furthermore, the letter said that Wright could apply to the court for McCormack to pay out “damages,” and that there would be an injunction for McCormack to read off an official statement in court.

Originally, McCormack claimed that there is a chance that he would not contest the challenge, because he does not want to give Wright the “satisfaction.” The podcaster was met with tons of criticism for this choice, which may be part of the reason that McCormack is lawyering up with his own action now.

Wright filed an application in the United States this week that would allow him to claim the Bitcoin whitepaper and software through the US Copyright Office.

The US Copyright Office has already replied, saying that the claim is presently in the “examination process.” Still, since the whitepaper ownership involves a pseudonym, the investigation will not include anything that is considered “a provable connection between the claimant and the pseudonymous author.”

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