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Cryptopia Exchange Now Allows Order Cancellation

The New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange, Cryptopia, is all set up to relaunch with advanced steps. Cryptopia announced on 11 March, the option for users to cancel orders. The exchange tweeted,

Recently, the platform experienced an hack of nearly $20million. But nonetheless, at present, we can see that the exchange is slowly rebuilding by taking baby steps.

Cryptopia Exchange is providing users access to cancel their orders ahead of the actual re-launch to avoid selling any coins below current price. According to Crypto-News Indiareports, the exchange has announced that it had reopened but only in read only mode. The exchange said,

The read-only site is now live. The holding balance from the 14th Jan is pre hack and we will be using these holdings as a baseline for calculating rebates moving forwards.

This feature has created a lot of buzz in social media, it seems that it was the much awaited feature by many crypto marketers. However, many traders and investors responded with a positive note.

Founder of ANON jake greenbaum, responded to the tweet stating that :

Overall, this feature  to cancel orders is necessary for the exchange to keep away the sale of any cryptocurrency below its current price. Users have also appreciated the platform for providing transparency after the recent hack in January.

What is your opinion on Cryptopia launching new options to cancel orders? Share your thoughts on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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