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Decentralized Talks Dublin – Irish Tech News

When and where is it on?
Our event will take place in Dublin, Ireland on November 11-12.

How many years has it been going?

Part of the team was involved in organizing another conference, with 23 global editions in Amsterdam, Bucharest, Cayman Islands, Davos, Gibraltar, Kyiv, Ljubljana, Malta, Puerto Rico, Seoul, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Vilnius and Warsaw. Decentralized Talks is a brand new event and it began its activity in August 2018. We are willing to discover together with our attendees the new trends of the blockchain technology and familiarize them with a decentralized world we will all embrace one day.

What was the inspiration to start it?

We were inspired by advantages of a decentralized system, by those who are trying to move areas of their businesses to blockchain by choosing technology over funds, simple solutions to complicate existing business problems. It’s all about people that choose to see things differently, the connection we want to have with them by presenting through our events the possibilities and the great effects of an out-of-the-box thinking in a world where technology is always one step further from our understanding of it.

What exciting things can people look forward to?
Definitely effective networking, knowledge sharing, trend highlighting and discovery of the blockchain technology potential. We have created this event to familiarize our attendees with new trends, get out of the comfort zone, change the perspective and trigger creativity. People will see changes in their way of thinking regarding the subject, they will be able to observe new paths and new solutions beyond what is written by media.

What opportunities are on offer for those attending?

Decentralized Talks is going to show to its attendees that blockchain already became a disruptive technological advancement to the practice of law and it can also become one for other fields as well (ecology, medicine, politics etc.). We wish to become the place where good networking transforms into partnerships, by strengthening the relationships in the community of blockchain enthusiasts and by helping existing projects in their further development.

Who will be speaking?

Our event speakers are the key people of different companies that embrace the blockchain technology. Companies that inspire and see technology as handy to bring more trust into business, and decentralize a company’s future. We are inviting people that think differently about the possibilities of blockchain use by bringing up their own examples and sharing their knowledge and their brand new views upon the future development of several industries through the next step in the peer-to-peer economy. We already have confirmations from organizations such as ADAPT Centre, Deloitte, Mastercard, Norio Ventures and Wyzer.

Confirmed speakers:

Laura Clifford, Industry Partner Manager at ADAPT Research Centre
Anthony Day, Chief Operations Officer at Deloitte EMEA Blockchain Lab
Antonio Senatore, Global Blockchain Chief Technical Officer at Deloitte
Daniel Grech, Co-Founder & CEO at Wyzer
Pete Townsend, Founder & CEO at Norio Ventures
Paul Graham, Director, Product Development & Innovation Management at Mastercard Labs

What tips would you give to people attending to get the most out of it?
When people come to our events we expect them to focus on the disruptive technological advancement that enables new forms of collective action that has the potential to avoid existing governance failures because trust rests in security. We want to see people that believe they have the power to take those actions because it is not a trait that comes with every organization. We are bringing together those who are willing to change the perspective upon blockchain technology and show that it is not just a way through, but a solution.

How can people book tickets / when does it usually sell out?

People can buy the tickets on our website, right here. From our previous experience, we expect them to sell out not faster than a couple of days before the event, but you can never know, they might sell out even earlier.

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