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DNotes Global CEO Alan Yong to give Keynote Speech At Emerge ICO Summit, Austin – Irish Tech News

DNotes Global, Inc. has announced that company CEO Alan Yong has been invited to deliver a keynote speech at the Emerge ICO Summit on October 9 in Austin, Texas, in which he is expected to share his vision for the blockchain and digital currency industry.

The Emerge ICO Summit is being hosted by Ten Capital Group, and will bring together angel investors, venture capitalists, and crypto hedge funds from the Ten ICO Syndicate with cryptocurrency startups and other companies raising ICO funds. The event is billed as an opportunity for blockchain-based startups to interact directly with technology investors.

The summit will include several sessions focusing on different aspects of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, including sessions detailing ICO best practices, tokenization, financial disruption, and the blockchain. Other sessions will address micropayments, blockchain-based dispute resolution, and the newest blockchain applications.

Ten Capital’s Hall Martin highlighted blockchain technology’s promise and its increasingly mainstream appeal to investors. “Blockchain is going mainstream in the Fintech space with institutional investors wanting to adopt the technology and participate across the board,” he said.

Yong is the former head of Dauphin Technology and has been at the forefront of technological evolution for three decades, with innovative leadership in personal computing and cryptocurrency. His company, DNotes Global, is dedicated to creating and maintaining an ecosystem that will support the DNotes digital currency and foster its mainstream adoption on a global scale.

As CEO of DNotes Global, Alan Yong has been outspoken about his views on initial coin offerings, particularly as they relate to issues surrounding regulation. He has praised ICOs as a “tremendous tool for capital formation” and called them a “superior option for fundraising when compared to traditional capital formation strategies and tools.”

At the same time, however, he has urged that his industry take note of regulators’ views on this new fundraising tool and act responsibly to address those agencies’ concerns. He has suggested that startups work to comply with SEC regulations to avoid conflict with current legal requirements and the potential for new, more draconian regulations that might stiffly innovation.

Yong is also an enthusiastic spokesman for his industry and has predicted that digital currency and blockchain technology will play an important and central role in the emerging digital age. “As time goes by, everything that can be digitalized will be digitalized,” he said. “Today’s blockchain-based startups are leading us into that digitalized age, with many new and exciting projects that will change the way we think about financial management, payment systems, and financial inclusivity and self-empowerment.”

“Today’s tech investors have an opportunity to help lead the world into that digital age and are always searching for truly worthy projects that can impact people’s lives and open the door to new levels of job and wealth creation. The upcoming Emerge ICO Summit will play a tremendous role in facilitating that process, so I look forward to sharing my thoughts with everyone in attendance.”

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