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Dog has existential crisis after finally catching his tail

There’s a core spiritual question for dogs who chase their tails: What, exactly, are they after?

Twitter user @omw2innisfree‘s friend’s dog, Max, recently experienced something of a spiritual crisis after finally capturing his own tail.

Pay attention to the look on Max’s face after he finally holds onto it.

What exactly could Max be thinking? It’s like he landed on the emotional jackpot of a dog’s life — complete and total tail entrapment — and now he doesn’t know what to do with his riches.

Does he bite his tail? Squeeze his tail? Nuzzle his tail? What was the point of capturing his tail? Perhaps the whole tail-chasing thing was about the journey, not the end destination.

One Twitter user shared a similar story.

I’m sure Max is somewhere on a dog silent retreat thinking it out. We’re with you, big boy.

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