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Donald Trump Makes ‘Major Announcement’ On Immigration, Still Can’t Close Deal To Reopen Government

As you can see (above), Donald Trump made a major announcement in an address to the American public this afternoon, and he was hoping it would lead to the government being re-opened… but it sounds like the supposedly great dealmaker can’t close the deal!

Trump’s announcement was a proposal offering limited protections for current DACA recipients and some other immigrants in exchange for the border wall funding he wants so desperately. Democrats told him a few weeks ago they were not going to agree to that… and they’re not going to agree to it now, either.

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You can tell from the video (above), but it’s apparent The Donald is starting to get pretty stressed over the shutdown. It makes sense, of course; the whole damn thing is his fault, and the American people are punishing him accordingly in the polls.

Whatever happened to winning so much that we’d get sick of winning, Donald?! Where’s THAT at???

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