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Dublin gears up to find the most innovative cycle tech startups for the first ‘Smart Pedal Pitch’

Dublin City Council in partnership with Cycle Industries Europe and European Cycling Federation has announced the ‘Smart Pedal Pitch’, a search for the most innovative cycle tech solutions coinciding with Velo-city, the international cycling cycle conference taking place in Dublin on June 25-28th, which will see 1,500 cycling industry enthusiasts attend.

Winning entries will get the chance to pitch to a global cycling audience as well as a panel of international judges from the tech and cycling world including:

  1. Marcio Deslandes – Velo-city Series and Global Policies Director
  2. Kevin Mayne – Cycling Industries Europe Chief Executive
  3. Owen Keegan – Dublin City Council Chief Executive
  4. Ryan Rzepecki – Jump Bikes Founder & CEO

Founder of Jump Bikes, Ryan Rzepecki, has been confirmed as a judge for the Smart Pedal Pitch, “Having built a micromobility company acquired by Uber, I believe cycling is going to be a big part of the overall change in local transportation. Judging a competition on cycling technology is like getting an early look at how cities will change in the next 5 years.”

“There is serious ambition to scale up cycling in cities across the world which is how the idea of the ‘Smart Pedal Pitch’ came about,” states Jamie Cudden, Smart City Lead in Dublin City Council. “Scaling will require major support and investment in cycling infrastructure, increased promotion of cycling as an option, radical policy decision making, and a step change in attitudes towards cycling in cities. However, we believe there are a number of short term improvements possible through the application of smart, low cost innovative and scalable technologies. Dublin City Council is committed to piloting and validating the winning solutions so we are seeking solutions that have been validated in at least one city and have the potential to be scaled rapidly and deliver real impact for cyclists”

In line with the global push towards healthier, more liveable cities, the ‘Smart Pedal Pitch’ team are seeking technology and data driven pitch proposals that address the following areas:

  1. Seeking better Data – The capture of better cycling data and insights to inform the solutions and better understand the issues.
  2. Promoting safer cycling – Technology that can reduce accidents and improve the perception of safety.
  3. Cycle Security – Address challenges of cycle parking and bicycle theft etc.
  4. Intelligent transport systems on cycling – The better integration of cyclists into intelligent transport systems and how to better represent cyclists in these systems

With the rapid growth in smartphone penetration, mobile apps and internet of things (e.g. low cost sensing and new service delivery models) there are a whole range of smart, low cost innovative solutions that could address cyclists needs.

Kevin Mayne, Chief Executive, Cycling Industries Europe states, “The next ten years will see a fundamental shift in the way we plan for mobility and make choices about how we move in cities. We are seeing real innovation emerging in the area of intelligent transport systems and connected solutions for cycling. Cycling Industries Europe is creating a united platform for the promotion of smart, connected cycling. We are delighted to be partners in the smart pedal pitch to expose and support the best innovations globally in this emerging space”

Velo-city Dublin has been selected as the launch of a European funded, international Bicycle ITS project.

Mayne added, “Our European partners in the Bicycle ITS project are equally delighted to select Velo-city Dublin for the international launch of our project to create cycling ITS solutions on behalf of the whole cycling sector, this vital project is breaking new ground for the whole of cycling in Europe. We are committed to offering the winners a chance to test their products in the newly established international cycling data hub and following successful product trials in Dublin, roll the product out across 6 further regions in Europe.


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