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ePaymints to integrate Dash for high chargeback and cash-based industries

Dash, the cryptocurrency for payments and e-commerce, has announced a strategic partnership with ePaymints, a global merchant account and payments processing provider with expertise in both traditional and alternative payments.

Through the partnership, Dash will work with ePaymints’ high profile clients to integrate Dash as a solution to the current pain points within today’s traditional payments, focusing specifically on high chargeback and cash-based industries such as gaming, higher education, and legal cannabis.

“This partnership marks another key step in our mission to provide payment solutions for the problems many businesses experience with traditional payments. Cash-based and high chargeback industries pay much higher credit card fees on average, and that’s when they are lucky enough to get credit card acceptance – often that’s not an option. This is an obvious use case for Dash, and we’re proud to be recognized by ePaymints as the leading cryptocurrency positioned to solve these payment problems. Already, there are client integration consultations underway and together, we look forward to expanding the Dash ecosystem.”

Bradley Zastrow, Global Head of Business Development at Dash Core Group

Currently, ePaymints processes international payments for 195 countries, 135 currencies, and 47 partner banks, providing merchants from almost any industry the ability to process payments regardless of industry or location. Along with the usual advantages of cryptocurrencies, Dash offers near-instant transaction confirmation through its InstantSend feature, enabling point-of-sale commerce and replicating the payment speed of a credit card to provide a similar user experience.

“We’re no strangers to payments processing technologies, having worked with almost every merchant solution you can name in our years of service. Merchant adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world is already growing at a rapid rate, and Dash has been a huge part of that trend. It’s an exciting opportunity to be partnering with Dash to help provide our merchant customers with the cryptocurrency industry’s premier payments solution.”

Jodi Durst, CEO at ePaymints

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