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Forget Easter eggs, Facebook Messenger now officially has a dark mode

Following the popular trend, Facebook has now officially rolled out the much-requested dark mode option to Facebook Messenger on both iOS and Android.

The feature was available as a secret Easter egg from the start of last month, but now it is being rolled out on a global basis for everyone to enjoy. Dark mode can now be accessed as a regular setting without the need to jump through any special hoops.

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Dark mode in Facebook Messenger serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it can be easier on the eye; secondly, it can save you a little battery life on your phone. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, you may just prefer the darker tones — and choice is always to be welcomed.

Announcing the global roll-out in a blog post, Facebook’s Bridget Pujals says:

After a month-long Easter Egg activation with countless crescent moon emojis, we are excited to announce that everyone around the world will be able to activate dark mode in Messenger with a simple toggle switch from settings. The toggle is rolling out globally today.

To activate, simply tap your profile photo in Messenger to access your settings and toggle on dark mode to switch the chat aesthetic from white to black.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to settings and ramp up the darkness!

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