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Get the PlayStation Classic for only $39 today

The Sony PlayStation Classic has seen some progressively amazing deals since the holiday season, and now it’s going for its biggest discount yet at just $39.

Just the other week, we saw the PlayStation Classic sell for $54.99 at Amazon, but this new deal from Walmart absolutely tops it by slashing $60 – or 60% off – its original $99 price.

Why is the PlayStation Classic seeing such a fire sale? Well, it might have to do with the PlayStation Classic being the the worst retro revival console ever released. After a hyped-up launch, a few gumshoe users discovered the console was running 50Hz PAL version classic PS1 games.

These questionable emulation choices made the console a poor choice over the almost universally loved Nintendo Classic Mini and SNES Classic Mini. However, this major discount certainly makes PlayStation Classic a much more palatable purchase.

The console comes with 20 games from the PS1 era including a few notable classics like Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, and Twisted Metal. Of course, you could always side-load this bad boy with all of your favorite PS1 games – should you obtain completely legal ROM files for it.

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