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Good news for CryptoProfile fans as ICO sale heats up in the final fortnight – Irish Tech News

As hoped for CryptoProfile have been experiencing positive feedback from investors. Max Ng, cofounder gave us a quick update on the progress of the project and the crowdsale.

Max explained, “we’re really pleased with the progress so far. You will always get some people that want to wait till the last moment, but at the same time others are recognising the opportunities that exist for those that get in early.” CryptoProfile recognise the importance of their community too. Firstly with their bounty program offering the opportunity to earn tokens by writing, blogging, vlogging or youtubing about the campaign (see more here).[CryptoProfile has launched a Bounty Program, with a pool of CryptoProfile [CP] tokens worth $1,000,000 reserved for bounty hunters.] And secondly with a specific initiative aimed at youtubers through a youtube competition which will be starting very soon.

There was also good news from the ICO rating website in a detail ed report they produced about CryptoProfile too. As Max explained “they sound very favourable towards our project. We are listed in the icohotlist. Normally they only list projects which they believe to have great potential. So we are delighted to be included on that list!”  Ng continued to say that “our ratings are up on many ratings websites, with positive comments and scoring between quite good and very good. Icoholder for exampled mentioned our project as well as among the top ones”.

It is still a challenging market for raising funds, and therefore it is even more important than ever to get out of the door and actually meet and speak to as many people as possible. Max Ng is keenly aware of the need to do this, as he explained. “We have spoken to many people. Even with the current market we still able to raise funds, and this has meant that they were quite impressed. At the same time we know that it is vital to keep doing this and to meet as many people as possible to get the word out there about CryptoProfile and what we are trying to do.

CryptoProfile’s ICO Ratings on ICOmarks 8.3 :

CryptoProfile’s ICO Ratings on ICOholder 4.03 :

CryptoProfile’s ICO Ratings on Cryptototem 8.8 :

Now is a great time to buy tokens, so do drop us a line and we’ll help you to do so asap. Here are some of the ways you can contact us.

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