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Google just revealed the Pixel 4 months earlier than expected – BGR

In a shocking turn of events, Google shared the first image of its next smartphone on Wednesday, confirming many of the leaks that have been spreading around the internet over the last few weeks. If Google sticks to the same release schedule it had for the Pixel 3, then the Pixel 4 won’t officially launch until October, which makes this an incredibly early reveal. But there’s no denying that it will get people talking.

If you’ve been keeping up with the countless leaks in recent weeks, the product shot shared by Google shouldn’t do much to surprise you. As expected, Google is scrapping the old multi-colored back panel in favor of one solid sheet of what we assume is glass. We also see the rear camera housing, which appears to contain two cameras (the first time a Pixel has had more than one rear camera), and at least two other sensors.

It’s worth noting that the phone in the photo above (and in the tweet below) looks virtually identical to the renders that OnLeaks and Pricebaba shared earlier this week. Those renders also included a look at the front of the phone, which, based on Google’s official image, we can’t help but assume are accurate as well.

In an era where everyone is prone to massive leaks, even the likes of Apple, Samsung, and Google, it’s interesting to see a company try to ride the wave rather than fight back. OnePlus has had some success by joining in on the fun of early feature reveals and hints at designs, and now Google will try to replicate that success.

If you want to see the phone in one piece, rather than split in half, this tweet from Roland Quandt should help:

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