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How is Liracoin project growing, and what is its goal?

Liracoin project has moved on to the next level of technological evolution by publishing the Liracoin Community platform, as announced by the project roadmap. A very important resource for its members, this platform allows them to manage their Liracoin (LIC) in wallets and to make transactions.

As those who seem to confirm affirm, technology is always aimed at evolving and improving to provide unparalleled innovative and rewarding service to its users, or as defined by Liracoin, to its community.

The community

Liracoin has focused on creating a large and strong community, faithful to Liracoin and aware of the importance of cryptocurrencies at a global economic and technological level. We must be aware of the nature of cryptocurrencies, both in their operation and of their advantage, leading to an economic revolution.

To best disseminate these ideas, Liracoin also has an academy accessible online Liracoin Academy where the basics of the economy can be learned, in an intuitive and thorough manner through a summary of the past, present and future, and an explanation of why cryptocurrencies will be the money used.

Bitcoin laid the foundation stone for building a road to the new digital economy, in which Liracoin hopes to be a main character. Liracoin aims to build an ecosystem in which users can use cryptocurrencies as their own, unique form of money, through applications that allow them to pay at all commercial businesses equipped with a POS contactless reader with NFC that will accept card payments.


A preview has already been given of Liracoin Smart Global Payment (SGP), an application created by Liracoin to pay in cryptocurrency in stores that normally accept only traditional money. This means that:

– Liracoin SGP application serves not only Liracoin but the entire cryptocurrency sector, as Bitcoin and altcoin.

– Merchants who accept payments do not have to be aware of or willing to accept cryptocurrencies.

How? Liracoin SGP allows you to pay in stores that do not accept cryptocurrencies by automatically converting the cryptocurrency to the currency accepted by the merchant. This saves a lot of time because you don’t have to go through an exchange, and it saves the sometimes high cost of making changes. 

By accepting more cryptocurrencies, the application can embrace an even wider audience – without remaining limited in the Liracoin community – and earn from transactions in every cryptocurrency. Today cryptocurrencies are still a niche medium accepted by only a few centers, most of them online. Liracoin Smart Global Payment app will definitely enlarge the blockchain and cryptocurrency market.


How to reach the goal? One of the fundamental aspects is users. Releasing an application to the world in search of interested parties, and already having an interested audience of millions, are advantages that make a profound difference in the future of a service.

Now, the goal of Liracoin is to create a community willing to adopt Liracoin as its own money and maintain it. The purpose of this community is not to speculate, but to choose a cryptocurrency for the economy of tomorrow.

Cryptocurrencies, if well structured, can work and be the money used daily. The advantages of fast transactions, without days off, and without amount limits – those are advantages the banking system can’t offer. Long deadlines for the receipt of bank transfers, days of absence from work, and limits for sending reclamations that on large sums can determine blocks and endless checks are further downsides to traditional banking.

To use Liracoin as money, you need to allow a currency value as stable as possible. Liracoin also thought of this.

Price shield

The value of Liracoin is destined to rise, thanks to the release of applications such as Liracoin SGP. As we all know, the size of cryptocurrencies is made up of highs and (deep lows). The value of Liracoin fluctuates without ever having steep descents, thanks to:

– The diffusion of the adoption of Liracoin, the ability to maintain it and use it for its own transactions, enjoying its long-term growth (rather than buying and selling for short-term gains earned only by its subtle ups and downs).

  • Liracoin does not allow the creation of big wallets that are capable of manipulating the market. To do this, there are purchase limits for LIC, allowing constant and distributed growth among multiple users.

This strategy has shown a positive result in the worst moments for cryptocurrencies. Last year, Bitcoin had one fall where it lost 80% of its value. Liracoin, although connected to Bitcoin, has not only lost no value, but has recorded a 720% growth, as compared to Bitcoin. This is thanks to the numerous wallets (users) of Liracoin.

Crypto-lovers must look to a long-term vision to participate in the economy of the future, rather than focusing their exchanges on speculation. The exchanges are not an objective of Liracoin. This may surprise some and increase the skepticism of cryptocurrency gurus who base their beliefs on the exchange presence of a cryptocurrency as signifying its importance and ability to last over time. In reality, the exchanges are the biggest manipulators of the cryptocurrency market. In this economy, they correspond to the banks. In the original white Bitcoin paper that was anonymously released by Satoshi Nakamoto, there is no mention of exchanges. They are not necessary for the construction of a peer-to-peer exchange structure.

Trades take place directly between users in the Liracoin plan. Liracoin Community is the platform that allows the management of Liracoin and its transactions.

Technology and User Growth

With the passing of another milestone with the publication of Liracoin Community, user confidence and numbers grow even stronger. In fact, Liracoin encourages sharing.

A satisfactory service and a profitable product spread easily from one person to another, so many users have made Liracoin their business.

An exponential growth in value is also expected with this new Liracoin Community platform as its ambassadors are more energetic than ever. You can follow Liracoin’s growth on the listing sites Coin List Cap and Satoshi Nakamoto Blog.

A goal of five million Liracoin users is becoming increasingly possible and, with it, the consequent publication of its applications, which will be a turning point in the crypto-world.

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