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How to Give a Stock for Christmas

While Santa Claus is drowning in requests for Nintendo Switches and drones, many parents struggle to find gifts that hold lasting value. Chances are, you might not get a great deal on a Switch unless you get into a wrestling match with that mom who got the last one at Target, and the drone will probably be stuck in the neighbor’s tree by New Years – plus the joy of these gifts is short.

If you want to gift your child with something of lasting value – and teach your kid a thing or two about money management – it’s time to get gift them some stock. That’s something they’ll surely appreciate in the years to come.

Key Takeaways

  • Want to give a unique stocking stuffer this Christmas? How about gifting a share of stock to your loved ones.
  • There are several services, such as GiveAShare, which make the process easy and straightforward – where you can even receive a paper stock certificate to gift.
  • Try to make the gift of stock thoughtful and special, for example a share of Disney to a child who loves Mickey Mouse or Apple to an iPhone loving nephew.

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