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How to use your iPad Pro as a laptop replacement (Part 6)

We’ve been looking at how to use an iPad Pro to replace a laptop for many tasks. In this chapter, we share several tips to help you be more productive with your Apple tablet.

Episode guide:

  1. Part One: iPad Equipment
  2. Part Two: Keyboard, Typing, Shortcuts, and Dictation tips
  3. Part ThreeHow to multitask on iPad Pro
  4. Part Four: How to use Apple’s Files app and tags
  5. Part Five: Useful utilities to help you get things done
  6. Part Six: iPad productivity tips

Use the mouse

iPads have a built-in mouse. There are two ways to access it:

  • Method one: Tap and hold anywhere on the keyboard with two fingers; the keyboard will grey out and become a giant touchpad you can use to place your cursor at the relevant point in the text.
  • Method two: Tap and hold one finger on the Space bar for the same effect.

You can also select text.

For example, use method two to position your cursor and then use a second finger to tap the screen. The text selection tool will appear under the cursor, and you can then move the cursor to select characters, words, sentences, or paragraphs.

Once you select text, you can replace it or tap the selected area once to reveal the contextual menu where you can access other functions, such as applying Bold or Italics to your copy.

In the Spotlight

Remember the four-finger inward pinch gesture to return to the Home screen from within any app?

Here’s the fast way to get to Spotlight search:

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