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iPhone XS Max vs. Galaxy S10+ speed test: The results might surprise you

Year in and year out, Apple manages to crank out new iPhone models with increasingly impressive and arguably unrivaled hardware. Though Android has caught up to the iPhone in many ways when it comes to specific features and overall usability, new iPhone models routinely trounce all comers when it comes down to raw performance. Just a few months back, for example, you may recall that Apple’s iPhone XS — armed with the A12 Bionic — managed to beat a McLaren Edition of the OnePlus 6T boasting 10GB of RAM.

The smartphone landscape, though, doesn’t stay stagnant for long and Samsung’s recently released S10 lineup certainly brings a lot to the table. With that said, it’s that time of year where can finally pit Apple’s flagship iPhone against the latest and greatest from Samsung.

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Recently, PhoneBuff decided to see how Apple’s iPhone XS Max performs when put in the ring with Samsung’s Galaxy S10+. As a quick point of interest, the iPhone XS Max has 4GB of RAM while the S10+ has 8GB of RAM.

As for the testing methodology, PhoneBuff explains the process as follows:

The test itself consists of racing two devices through a virtual “track” made up of different apps and games. Each device’s processing power is tested in the first “lap”, with its multitasking abilities tested in the second. The device that finishes the race first is declared the winner.

As you’ll see in the video below, the iPhone XS Max gets off to an impressive start and handles an array of tasks far quicker than the S10+. But the XS Max slips a little bit when it comes to the multitasking portion of the test which gives the S10+ room to pull off the come from behind win.

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