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Is bitcoin dead? Crypto Divas March 3, 2019 – Irish Tech News

First JPM coin, now Facebook announcing it would set up its own cryptocurrency coin, it seems as though the crypto winter is over – at least for developments in blockchain. The price may still be a bit stuck but hey, everyone who’s been in crypto for more than a year knows there are bubbles and bursts all the time. So let there be no panic!

This week – after missing a week as we were both just too busy – we touched on a number of stories but the most fascinating one was on QuadrigaCX. You may have been following the story. First of all the CEO dies – of an illness not a sudden death – and takes with him to the grave about $170million said to be in cold storage and no one else has the key. Then more details emerge, such as the cold storage wallets in question were found to be empty, his death was in India where death certificates are allegedly easy to obtain and there is another story circulating that the founder was once called something else and has a criminal record for identity fraud. A lot of rumour but the original story definitely sounded suspect. We will be watching this space with interest.

Then I found a really nice flow chart which considers if bitcoin is dead or not. I shall run it as the main picture so you’ll have seen it already.

Happy Crypto-ing

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